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Color Matching Hair Extensions at Elev8 Salon

Elev8 Salon takes pride in offering the best hair extensions to transform your look. Among our wide range of services, color matching hair extensions stands out as a game-changer for those seeking to add volume and length to their hair, seamlessly.

The Art of Color Matching

One of the key elements to achieving a natural and flawless look with hair extensions is perfect color matching. At Elev8 Salon, Carrie excels in the art of color matching, ensuring that the hair extensions blend seamlessly with your natural hair. Whether you have rich brunette locks, fiery red tresses, or a spectrum of blonde shades, Elev8 Salon has the expertise to match your hair color precisely.

Halo Couture Hair Extensions

Elev8 Salon takes pride in being a premiere distributor for Halo Couture hair extensions. Halo Couture is renowned for its high-quality, 100% Remy human hair extensions. These extensions are not only known for their exceptional quality but also for their ease of use. They are attached using a unique, virtually invisible wire that rests on top of your head, making them perfect for those with thinning hair or anyone looking for a quick and painless hair transformation.

Perfect Solution for Thinning Hair

If you have thinning hair and are looking for a solution to boost volume and thickness, Elev8 Salon’s color matching hair extensions can work wonders. The Halo Couture extensions are gentle on your natural hair, allowing you to enjoy a fuller and more voluminous look without causing further damage.

When it comes to achieving a natural look with hair extensions, color matching is paramount, and Carrie at Elev8 Salon has mastered this art. With her commitment to quality and her partnership with Halo Couture, Elev8 Salon is your go-to destination for the best hair extensions, especially if you’re looking to transform your hair effortlessly or address thinning hair concerns. Elev8 Salon’s color matching hair extensions are the secret to achieving that flawless and natural look you’ve always desired.

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Before Halo Hair Extension
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After Halo Hair Extension
Before Hair Extension
After Hair Extension
Before Halo Hair Extension
Before Halo Hair Extension
After Halo Hair Extension
After Halo Hair Extension
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HALO Couture Pricing
$340-$740 depending on length, color and density selected. A great temporary solution that comes in a wide range of color and length options. Replaces clip-in method for hair extensions.

Requires a consultation for best color match. Payment is made in full at time of ordering, there are no refunds or exchanges on Halo extensions.

PRICE IS FOR COST OF HALO ONLY and does not include any cutting, coloring, styling or fitting of Halo. If any of those services are desired, they may be booked separately at an additional cost.

$20 for 20-minute consultation which goes toward extension services when booked at time of consultation.

Visit the Halo couture Website for more information and pricing.
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